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How to Prevent Home Foreclosure in Colorado

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Our mission is to help homeowners facing foreclosure navigate the complex legal and financial challenges of the process, and emerge with a brighter financial future.

Colorado Home Foreclosure Prevention (COHFP) has developed a seasoned and specialized staff with expertise in Construction, Real Estate, Foreclosure, Estates, Bankruptcy, and so on.  With a combined 30 years of experience, you are sure to find tools and resources  that fit your personal goals. All of this is done without any upfront cost!

When we work with our homeowners it is of our most importance to assist any way we can. We help to get good people some mortgage relief and solutions that work. We even have a No Up-Front Cost program for most homeowners. The qualifications are not based on income, but the current needs. We offer an array of solutions that can fit just about any homeowner. See More

For those homeowners that need immediate attention, our Priority Assistance Program – Fast Track offers a speedy response and service intake.  There will be many solutions that are discussed in person.  You’ll choose what works best.  You’ll be assigned to a COHFP Counselor during your initial call. See More

Ask about Eligibility for Free Counsel, Resources, and to take advantage of the Home Partnership Initiative.


What We Do

Quick Response

We understand the foreclosure process, and we know we have to move quickly to solve your problems...starting today! Ask about our Priority Assistance Program - Fast Track.

Ability to Solve Problems Together

Solutions that will help you to prevent foreclosure in Colorado. Ask about our Home Partnership Initiative!

Free In Home Consultation

We offer in-home consultations to discuss your unique situation and explore potential solutions. Counselling and Resources provided to you.

Confidential Services

Everything that is discussed is handled with care and confidentiality. Your nosey neighbors do not need to know your situation.

Home Foreclosure Prevention

Our name says it all. To get the best benefits, you'll need to take the next step. Get in touch. Your financial well being will rely on meeting deadlines.

Help To Protect Your Credit

If you have been using credit cards to cover monthly expenses such as food and gas, we can help. We have helped many homeowners protect their credit, and avoid foreclosure.


Who We Help

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We Help Homeowners



Home Maintenance

Distressed/Vacant Homes


Inherited Estates





Fresh Start

Job Loss

6 Things to Avoid

There is a timeline that you need to be aware of. It starts just 15 days after you have missed a mortgage payment. Many milestones throughout this process will not be met and cause your house to be auctioned.

If you choose the wrong professional or someone that is not specialized in foreclosure it can cost you time and money. Some may even say they have abilities but will simply waste your valuable time and money.

With no one to help and guide you, mistakes will be made. You simply won’t have anyone in your court to support you. Potential solutions will be overlooked. No free resources to be discussed with you. No one is on your side. Trust me it won’t be free. Don’t find out the hard way.

In fact, this is what typically happens. Some people that may know you are in pre-foreclosure or behind on your mortgage may publish your name and your address on a public website for all of your neighbors to see. That’s embarrassing.

No matter who may appear to be helpful, many homeowners in Colorado get scammed. When people know you are behind, they may take advantage of your hard-earned equity. Don’t fall for those predatory tactics.

When you are not able to, or are overwhelmed, with mortgage debt, your credit worsens. Making it a near impossibility to relocate to a community that you love. If you don’t care about any of this…then it is fine to do nothing. The choice is yours.

You won't believe how quickly these guys worked to help me get my life back. I fell months behind and COHFP was able to get me the help i needed. They immediately went to work and saved me from losing my house. They actually were also able to get me into another home nearby. So, you can trust these guys to get it done. I felt like I was going to lose everything! My kids were scared and we were all worried. You can really count on these guys.

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