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Meeting with Plans

Our happy homeowners say this about us!

When you combine Seasoned, Certified Professionals (CPs) with tireless support for homeowners like you, the results are outstanding. Homeowners have a strong sense of benefit when they have access to Certified Professionals that have worked in specific industries and whose only job is to help homeowners like you. With this type of support system in place, know-how, and experience, we are certain that every homeowner has and will continue to benefit from our unique services offered. The approach is straight-forward. We simply prepare a brief phone intake, assess the needs, and get to work to support your best outcome. All without any upfront costs to the homeowner. Throughout the process, we are strong commutators and diligent about handling all the details. So that the homeowner does not have to worry. We even offer Priority Assistance and Home Partnership Initiatives, which are designed to empower homeowners. To provide more options to good people, so that they can benefit from their best asset, their house.

We Pride Ourselves On

  • Inclusive and Friendly Counsel:  We work with Homeowners in helping to counsel and locate all programs available.  For those homeowners that are struggling, we want to teach the various options and offer counseling.  Those that are experiencing difficult times are being offered options that are flexible.  We feel that when people become educated about their situation, immediately they begin to feel better.
  • Resources and Choices:    Resources give Homeowners many advantages.  Everyone wants to know what their options are so that they can make an educated decision.  Our company will provide to those in need, with many free resources.  We make it easier for you to gain clarity in making a good decision.  Decisions based on your personal goals simply work for you best.
  • No Up-Front Cost Results:  When we work with our homeowners it is of our most importance to assist any way we can.  We help to get good people some mortgage relief and solutions that work.  We even have a No Up-Front Cost program for most homeowners.  The eligibility is not based on income, but your current needs.  We offer an array of solutions that can fit just about any homeowner.    


In turn, creating a stronger community together.

Awards and Achievements

Our care of the community has caught the attention of the Pikes Peak region and surrounding areas.

We’re so proud to announce that Colorado Home Foreclosure Protection received a Gold Standard award for Service and Achievement in 2022.  Previously, we had received Bronze in 2021 and Silver in 2020.

Gold Award
Silver Award
Bronze Award

We couldn’t have done it without the support of our local community, so THANKS!

Our Vision

At Colorado Home Foreclosure Protection, it is our vision to dedicate an individual within our organization to work with EVERY homeowner that needs assistance.  We know it’s going to take a lot of work.   With your partnership, we can achieve better and thriving communities. Not only is it our vision, but we are taking steps everyday to meet our purpose. 

Time waits for no man
Mark Twain

is the stress too much to handle? We can help!

Your Next Steps:  

1. Reach out – If we don’t know who you are, then how can we help?  Pretty simple, right!

2. Arrange Free Housing Counsel – If the burden is too much to handle on your own, Colorado Home Foreclosure Protection (COHFP) can help.  We believe that during the initial home consultation, you’ll feel huge relief.  Happiness will start to set in immediately. 

3. Colorado Home Foreclosure Protection (COHFP) will teach you.  There will be many solutions that are discussed in person.  You’ll choose what works best.  Many can be put to use immediately, or within 30-days. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Even if your home needs repairs that you cannot afford, we can still help.

If you have received any official notice, please do not delay.  We understand the processes and know the timelines.

(no risk to you and all is kept confidential)

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