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Foreclosure Timelines

Foreclosure timelines can vary depending on the state and specific circumstances of the foreclosure. Generally, the foreclosure process involves several steps, including: Overall, the foreclosure

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What is a ‘Subject to’ in Foreclosure and How Does it Work?

When a homeowner is facing foreclosure, they may be offered a “subject to” agreement. This agreement allows the homeowner to remain in the home and continue making payments, but the lender will retain the title to the property. The homeowner will be responsible for making all payments, including taxes and insurance, and must keep the property in good condition. If the homeowner fails to make payments, the lender can foreclose on the property.

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Pre-Foreclosure Letter: What to Do and How to Respond

Are you facing pre-foreclosure? Don’t panic! There are steps you can take to avoid foreclosure. This letter will explain what to do and how to respond. We’ll discuss the options available to you, such as loan modification, repayment plans, and more. We’ll also provide guidance on how to contact your lender and negotiate a resolution. Take the time to read this letter and take the necessary steps to protect your home.

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Colorado Home Foreclosure Prevention - COHFP

Arrange Free Housing Counsel – If the burden is too much to handle on your own, Colorado Home Foreclosure Protection (COHFP) can help.  We believe that during the initial home consultation, you’ll feel huge relief.  Happiness will start to set in immediately. Reach Out Today.

COHFP Can Help

There will be many solutions that are discussed in person.  You’ll choose what works best.  Many can be put to use immediately, or within 30-days. 

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