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Yes, through our local support and donations, COHFP is proud to provide services
that do not require any upfront costs.

They get paid through donations offered in helping homeowners prevent foreclosure.

Yes, many of our homeowners take advantage of the many resources available.

You can call or email our COHFP office. We have a Toll-Free Office 888-325-CHFP or Local Housing Office at 719-751-5400

As a homeowner, all resources and programs support you. It will depend on your goals. However, we have (2) programs that stand out. Which are the COHFP Priority Assistance Program and the COHFP Home Partnership Initiative. We really like to see what fits your needs and go from there.


We understand, and we will keep everything confidential. All correspondence, either by mail, email, phone, or in person. We don’t share any information without your consent. Of course, the sooner you’re able to resolve any potential Foreclosure, the better your privacy can be protected. For more information, you’ll want to get in touch with a COHFP Resource Counselor.


Many of our Homeowners have successfully sold their houses as part of the bankruptcy process. By selling a house, it will allow some creditors to be paid and give you a fresh start with funds from the sale of your house. Be sure to let the Bankruptcy Attorney know how you would like to proceed. If you need a great attorney, we are here to help with a Trusted Referral. One that resides in Colorado.

We could solve even the most difficult situations that arise from late mortgage payments. Our CP will prepare a Free Assessment. Offer some options. You’ll see what fits best for you. Most importantly, our CP services are quick to resolve complex issues.


Yes, during the initial Free Home Counsel and any follow-up meetings, both parties must be present and on the same page. COHFP follows all rules and regulations for ensuring that all parties are included. Then, once a decision is made, everything can be handled electronically, or within the guidelines acceptable.


We would suggest an In-House Consultation. That would be for the purpose of deciding on the value and the repairs that may be needed to sell. In essence, you could review the many options and see what fits your needs. COHFP is committed to helping you get the most benefit from the sale.

Yes, these services are for anyone in need of Homeownership Resources. Even if you are not planning on keeping the house. You’ll want some Inclusive and Friendly Counsel that can help to navigate with you.

One of our Probate Specialists will work with you on getting that part of the process completed.

When your probate paperwork is done, you’ll have an executor handling the asset management for the deceased. For more details, reach out.

Notice of Election and Demand for Payment

That means that you are in foreclosure. Contact COHFP if you need assistance in navigating and gaining access to more information that is specific to your needs.

Time is of the essence. COHFP can offer prevention, but you’ll need to act quickly as delays may cause you to lose your home, suffer from poor credit, and even cause you to lose your financial privacy. So, you should speak to a COHFP Counselor immediately and mention Priority Assistance Program, also known as Fast Track. These are emergency services.

Our Email address is gethelp@cohfp.com. When you reach out, be sure to mention that you need urgent resources. We have a Toll-Free Number at 888-325-CHFP or our Local Housing Office can be reached at 719-751-5400. COHFP offers free Resource Counseling, and you’ll have answers to your questions.

Good question, the best time of year is now. Delays cause there to be fewer options and with the COHFP Resource Counsel available, many times the foreclosure can be prevented. You’ll gain clarity and get answers to your specific questions. COHFP helps you to work through the details.

Pre-foreclosure / Behind on my Mortgage

We have several great options available to help you. Depending on your situation, you can either catch up on what is owed, get free resources and options, or even get qualified for the COHFP Home Partnership Initiative.

We always recommend that you get in touch with your lender. They may be able to work with you. You can catch up on your mortgage payments, ask about a forbearance, etc. If those options are not what you are looking for, you could contact COHFP for Resources and Programs Offered.

Depending on your situation, you could reach out to your lender. For additional help and resources, COHFP is here for you in providing Free Home Counsel to discuss in private some other options. We can offer you some “thinking outside the box” strategies that will help you. This is a 30-Minute meeting to discuss options you may have not considered, but have proven to be very helpful.

You would have received a mailed copy to your current address. If you need another copy, COHFP can help.


You’ll want to speak to your lender. Many times, you’ll simply make a lump sum payment online to catch up on the loan. To get a loan balance, you’ll also want to check with your lender.

If you cannot qualify for any of the lender’s options, get in touch with a COHFP Resource Counselor. There may be some helpful options for you to choose from. Many people that accepted the delay in repayment, have had difficulty catching up. We can help.

First, you’ll want to speak to your lender. There may be options such as modification, refinance, or even a HELOC that will help if you would like to keep your house. If the lender is not offering what you need, get in touch with COHFP for additional, no-cost resources.


Depending on the specifics, we will suggest that you first get in touch with a COHFP Resource Counselor. If you need additional time to review and go over options, arrange a Free In-House Consultation. This is done in the privacy of your home and all information is handled with confidentiality. You may need resources in order to take full benefit from your largest asset. The sooner you reach out the better. Delays may cost you in the end.

If you have less than 30-Days from your Auction date. You may still want to prevent foreclosure with COHFP. We offer a few great resources that have more to do with a quick recovery. You’ll be surprised too that we may be able to slow a foreclosure down with some simple steps. Ask us how.

Cure Figures

If you have filed the necessary paperwork in obtaining what is owed to catch up, the amount owed plus attorney fees is how your cure figures are calculated. With help in obtaining what is owed for your specific situation, get in touch with COHFP Resource Counselor immediately.


Yes, although the Options may not include the COHFP Home Partnership Initiative. The longer you wait, the fewer choices you have. COHFP always wants to protect your largest asset, so reach out as soon as you are behind, or think you will be behind in the next months.

You would be qualified to take advantage of our Priority Assistance Program, also known as Fast Track. You may still have time to take advantage of the COHFP Home Partnership Initiative. Both resources allow the most benefit.

Home Partnership Initiative

Yes, the qualification for the program does not require income. COHFP will not run credit or have any qualification requirements. The approval for the program is based on need.

Since we have an in-house team dedicated to you, the costs are on budget and on time. Then, once you sell your house, through our COHFP Home Partnership Initiative, you’ll receive your net proceeds. So, this program is designed for those that want to capitalize on their largest asset and not walk away.

You could do that if you have funding, and you are a contractor. This program is designed to truly help those in need. In total, helping homeowners to get the most from their house. To get the full benefit of their equity.

With any (1) of the examples, a Homeowner could qualify for this program. You must be at least 15 Days late in making your monthly mortgage payment. A homeowner must show they cannot afford, nor obtain the credit needed to do the home repairs on their own. A homeowner experiencing a life change such as a Divorce, Foreclosure, Probate, or Bankruptcy may qualify. The program is approved based on need.

A homeowner who does not want (or finds it challenging) to take on more debt through funding for repairs. A homeowner who cannot qualify for a loan for the repairs of their home. A Homeowner that wants to get a fresh start. A homeowner that is behind on their mortgage. A homeowner that wants a new house. A homeowner that is in the process of a job transfer. A homeowner that going through a life change. If any (1) of these examples exist, this program may be a great fit for you. COHFP makes life challenges manageable and offers options without any upfront costs to you.

Our dedicated in-house COHFP Resource Counselor will be available to consult with you, and discuss options. To arrange an initial in-house consultation, Contact Us. We are still able to help.

Yes, these services work well for homeowners who know where they’re going, and those that don’t want their credit to suffer. It helps to get settled in your new location while the credit does not get damaged. We also have Certified Professionals (CP), which are screened and trusted to help through the transition of where to go next. The key here is to work with your counselor to stop the foreclosure process and get past mortgage payments paid. It may take a little coordination, but we are experienced in the process.

We have provided a comparative of this very subject. Many homeowners that sell fast do not end up getting the full benefit of home ownership. Many sell-fast schemes have been confirmed to be predatory. Check out 6-Things to Avoid.

Simple, all you would need to do is reach out. The rest will be coordinated with you. All resources can be provided to you. In many cases, you may qualify for the Priority Assistance Program, also known as Fast Track. Especially, if you are 15 days or more past due on your mortgage payment. COHFP will do whatever is needed to help to get the full benefit of your house.

Priority Assistance Program – Fast Track

While we can do an intake on your situation, we offer a Priority Assistance Program, also known as Fast Track. When you call in, be sure to mention Fast Track. COHFP resources are provided during your initial call. We have people that will answer the phone. Working with those most in need first.

If you need help and you think it requires more time, one of our COHFP Resource Counselors will schedule a Free In-House Consultation in the comfort of your home. Going over all the details with you will ensure that we are offering the best options.

You may call and speak with a COHFP Resource Counselor. If you would like more details on the general resources, or you need more time to review them, be sure to schedule a COHFP In-House Counsel.

You will want to speak to the Intake Specialist to ensure there is enough time to do both. That would depend on the level of repair and where you are at in your foreclosure timeline. To get the precise answer to your questions, we strongly recommend getting in touch with a COHFP Resource Counselor today.

If you have received any official notice, you will be considered for Priority Assistance Program, our Fast Track.

Certified Professionals (CP)

All Certified Professionals go through a lengthy screening and verification process. That ensures that we have the best quality professionals providing services to our clientele.

COHFP has access to the best Real Estate Brokers through our Certified Professionals (CP) network. Those that have taken the proper steps in becoming a Certified Professional (CP) Participant with COHFP. They have been pre-screened for this purpose. Which is part of our program requirement. Lastly, they do not charge any upfront fees.

COHFP has access to the best Legal Counsel that has a strong track record. Those that have taken the proper steps in becoming a Certified Professional (CP) Participant with COHFP. They report the progress and maintain the statuses, which adds value to our homeowners. They have been pre-screened for this purpose. Which is part of our program requirement. Lastly, they do not charge any upfront fees. Lastly, all Legal CPs must be capable of handling Estates, Trusts, Probate, Bankruptcy, Divorce, and all Foreclosure situations.

We offer homeowners that simply utilize our Trusted and Licensed Real Estate Brokers. Other than making a request, we would simply complete a quick intake. Then, provide you with the resources you need.

Since we are always a few steps ahead, that simply will not affect your progress. We have a strong team that is backing you.

Yes, COHFP can service all areas of Colorado. During the free phone consultation, we’ll assign you a COHFP Resource Counselor. All referrals are initiated after intake is completed.

The process is direct. We will complete a quick intake with a COHFP Resource Counselor. Typically, within 24 hours, you’ll have access to a local CP to handle all of your needs. All are trusted and screened and do not charge upfront costs.

Brokers and Legal Counsel that are not certified to work with COHFP may not be used to working in a fast-paced environment with preventive tools in place. Our outstanding COHFP Priority Assistance Program, also known as Fast Track, has been a popular resource for homeowners. They also know how to help in the utilization of the Home Partnership Initiative, amongst other programs and resources. These resources are truly unique to homeowners that need specialized assistance. Our CPs understand your needs. Our homeowners like that everything is airtight in terms of confidentiality. Our participants have agreed that there not be any upfront fees.

COHFP will be able to offer an array of resources. If you simply want the best options, we can help you. What people have found too, since we partner with our local community, there is no limit to the resources available to you. We typically have solutions for all situations.

They have completed our Certifying Process that expands on the specifics of Divorce, Bankruptcy, Distressed and Vacant Homes, Probate, Estates, Trusts, Forbearance, and Foreclosure. All work is in accordance with the Department of Regulator Agency (DORA). Without any upfront costs. Their knowledge enables a successful approach to all situations. Many of which a homeowner could not achieve on their own, or without the guided help our CPs provide. We are proud to have them as our Certified Professionals, which allows COHFP to put quick actions into place for homeowners.

Contact Us

Call Toll-Free at 888-325-CHFP anytime between 8:00-5:00 Mountain Time. Our local number is 719-751-5400

For immediate attention, you may call us at 888-325-CHFP or 719-751 5400. There will be a live person handling incoming calls.

Request to speak with someone online at COHFP.com. If you need immediate attention, please put a message in your comments so that we know the level of urgency. You’ll get an immediate response from one of our intake specialists.

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